Software of communications provider

UserSide automates network maintenance, solves time management tasks and problems for employees, and effectively builds subscriber-operator communication


What is "UserSide"?

This is an industry solution for communications provider that has been developed since 2007. A web-based software suite that simplifies, accelerates, and efficiently manages multiple processes in the company. UserSide offers work with facilities and communication lines, equipment, cooperation with billing, subscriber accounting, personnel, warehouse and much more. UserSide will restart the mechanism of your company, making it to function as a whole. We did complex technical processes understandable and viewable.

Involvement with Billing Data

Equipment's accounting, communication lines and coverage

Task planning and logistics

Subscriber accounting

Accounting of commodities and materials


Simple and understandable interface

Which is constantly being improved...

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Our customers

"USERSIDE" use many companies in different countries. Not all customers want to publicize what software they use to manage processes. IN list only those of our customers who are not against posting such information on our website are indicated